Four Card Poker

Four Card Poker® is a heads-up stud poker game against the dealer that plays very similar to Three Card® Poker. Each player uses their best four cards dealt out of five cards given. Players also have the option of betting up three times their ante. Four Card Poker® features head-to-head play against the dealer and an optional bonus bet. It is similar to Three Card Poker®, but with one major difference. In Three Card®, the play wager must equal the ante; in Four Card®, players may bet up to three times their ante when staying in the game.


Players ante to compete with Dealer, and can additionally make an aces-up bet against the pay table. Each player receives five cards to make four-card poker hands with four-card straights as straights and four-card flushes as flushes. Dealer gets six cards to make his four-card hand with one card dealt face-up. Players review their hand, then fold or stay in the game by betting one to three times their ante. Dealer reveals his hand and compares it to the players' hands. A player's bets win even money if he/she beats or ties Dealer, and player loses bets if Dealer wins. Note: Dealer always qualifies.

Automatic Bonuses
Premium hands—three of a kind and higher—receive automatic payouts. These are paid on the ante wager. Automatic Bonuses always win, even if the player loses to the dealer. Aces-up side bet wins with a pair of aces or better. To play both ante and aces-up spots, player must make a wager, or forfeit both bets.

Ranking of Hands: four of a kind, straight flush, three of a kind, flush, straight, two pair, pair.

Multi-link Progressive
Ultimate Texas Hold `Em is linked to a multi-game progressive giving players the opportunity to win a cumulative jackpot over several different games even if they are not playing all of them.


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Thunder Strike Jackpot must hit by $150,000.00!

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